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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Delft and the Thursday Market

The other day two friends from church and I went to Delft. One, Trisha, was visiting a family for whom she was being the nanny. The parents were gone for a couple of weeks and Trisha came to help out.  While the kids were I school I tried to show her around to some of the local sights.
This is a floating tent on the canal in Delft. I have never seen one of those before. It had written on it "maximum capacity 20 people"! I would hate to see 20 people in there - you wouldn't be able to move.
Okay so Bud just told me that this is not a floating tent but a survival raft!  20 people can get in it and close up the top.  Makes more sense!
On Thursday a lot of the town squares have market day.  There were vendors everywhere.  Here is the Kaas or cheese vendor. The Dutch have great cheese! Their most famous is Gouda.  Which is pronounced "How da" with a very gutteral "H" sound!  Probably the only Dutch word I can pronounce.
The bake shop.  I realized the other day I have lived in the UK/Europe long enough that I now call it the bake shop, not the bakery.  I also caught myself calling a diaper "nappies".  Oh my!
There are several of the same types of vendors that set up their products.  As you can tell a lot of work goes into their booths.  Many people do their shopping on market day.
 Just a view of the market with the iconic buildings of Delft in the background.
 The fish vendor.  If any of you know me you know how much I hate fish!
Stinky!  I wish I liked it but I don't but its one of the things Bud loves here.
The Dutch love their pickled Herring.  Here you can pull one out of the bucket, chop off their heads, do whatever else they do to them and make you a sandwich!  Yummm!
 I copied this picture off the internet. We saw some people eating them with the onions only - no bun.

 Another Kaas vendor
 Need to buy a leg?  They have them!
 Trisha with the town hall in the background.
 Tosha Lee and I.  Tosha and her family are from South Africa.
Holland is really quite an international country.
 Purses and scarves for sale.
 Fruit vendors.
 I love the skyline in Delft.
 Need something for your hair?
 Clothes?  They got 'em!
 What Delft is famous for!!
This platter was probably 2 feet in diameter.  The high quality Delftware can be very expensive but it is beautiful.  I did not notice how much this platter is sold for but I would guess it would be in the high triple digits to four digits.  Give or take.  Maybe even in the several thousand Euros.


Vanessa said...

"How da" ya do? hahhahaha!! What fun, everything looks so interesting!

Camille said...

Looks like a great place to go shopping :) One day I'll go visit you.