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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Horse-Drawn Funeral Procession

One day, we were in the Hague and saw a funeral procession.  According to the locals, the deceased person must have been wealthy because a funeral of this type is expensive.

 All of the horses were solid black.  They were covered with blankets.
 The carriage on the right is for the casket. 
The carriage on the left is for the family.
 The horses were all very tall--16 hands or more and black.  Beautiful animals.
 The horse handlers and the carriage drivers.
 Checking the last minute details.  Look at the shiny hooves on the horses.
 The hearse.

 The funeral procession.

 Check out the horses head ornaments.
 The funeral hearse with the attendees and the driver.
 Two horse carriage.
The funeral procession headed down the street.

Some People and Their Pets!

I have heard of some people who go to great lengths for their pets!
They want them to happy and comfortable and content . . .
but buying them their own Tesla for a napping spot?
 This is our neighbor's beautiful green (electric) sports car.
He's so nice to let his kitty snooze on his very expensive car!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Update - Delft and the Thursday Market.

I had an earlier post about Delft and the Thursday Market.  In the post I mentioned this piece of Royal Delftware, not knowing how much it cost. I speculated that it could cost 3-4 figures.  I had the opportunity to be in Delft this weekend and thought to check out the price tag.


Any takers?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Saturday in Wassenaar

A couple of Saturday's ago, Bud and I decided to go for a bike ride in our little town.  As we were riding on the narrow, cobbled roads we came across this nursery.

Seriously I need to get some sun!
 This little nursery is very nice but you would almost miss it.
It is tucked away from the mainstream traffic.
 Some very Dutch yard ornaments.
 Our bikes.  We picked up some gourds and a pumpkin.
The church on the other side of the nursery.

They had these flower bags hanging on the iron fence at the church.
 A couple of homes by the nursery.
 Notice how narrow the street is.  Also the cobble stone.
It always makes me nervous to be riding my bike 
and sharing the road with a car.
We saw a sign in the town sqaure, written in Dutch, saying there was a church bazaar that day.  It took a little help to figure out where it was but we found it.  This is their "parking lot."
 Inside we saw this beautiful stained glass window.
 It was an interesting church architecturally.
A very modern feel to it.
 The pipe organ.
 I was a little disappointed in the sale because I thought it might be like a Christmas Bazaar, with crafts and the like.  It was basically a yard sale.  Everyone's junk.  But you know what they say, " one man's trash, another man's treasure."  We bought four antique books on Dutch art and a couple of crocheted lace doilies.  
 They were selling these outside.  
I don't know what they are called but they are delicious. 
They are called "Oliebollen."
 It was a yummy dough with sultanas (golden raisins) in them.
 They were warm and served with powdered sugar on them.
 Then we rode over to the American Baseball Field.
 We love baseball so we stayed and watched two games.
 We watched an American team play a Dutch team.
It was funny to hear the Dutch coach talk to his team in Dutch.
After all it is the American pastime!

Monday, October 11, 2010

I looked out the window and what did I see . . .

A Pony!
 As I have mentioned before, our balcony faces a Dutch grammar school.  I was out on the balcony checking my plants when my eye caught this guy.
 How cool is that?  Lucky children!
 I knew the second the kids were out on recess - their squeals of delight was great!  I wonder what the pony thinks when he hears that familiar sound?  "Great, here we go again!" or "Yeah, the children!"
I think the pony probably loves all the little children happy to see him!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blogger Stats and Bread

Have you ever gone into the Stats tab on your blog account?  I have just recently started to look at these statistics.  It shows your stats for the day, week, month and all time.  You can see where the traffic is coming from, what your most popular post are, etc.  I find it interesting that our most popular post is Egypt: Luxor.  It has 63 hits so far this week.  It makes me wonder who it is that looks at this post?  I suspect maybe someone in the travel industry but who knows!  Our next most popular is Normandy & D-Day with 40 hits so far this week.

I am glad that people are enjoying our blog.  I blog with my children, family and friends in mind, however I enjoy knowing that other people like looking at our blog too!  I wonder who you are though.  Do you blog too?  Become a follower of my blog so I can know who you are and take a peek at your blog too.  I love to see what other people are doing, what their talents or hobbies are, what their perspectives are, etc.  If you don't blog but like visiting mine become a follower also.

Now you are probably wondering what bread has to do with Blogger Stats?  Absolutely nothing except I made some bread the other day and wanted to put the picture on my blog for my daughter to see. 

The bread was yummy, especially served warm with butter and honey! Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Delft and the Thursday Market

The other day two friends from church and I went to Delft. One, Trisha, was visiting a family for whom she was being the nanny. The parents were gone for a couple of weeks and Trisha came to help out.  While the kids were I school I tried to show her around to some of the local sights.
This is a floating tent on the canal in Delft. I have never seen one of those before. It had written on it "maximum capacity 20 people"! I would hate to see 20 people in there - you wouldn't be able to move.
Okay so Bud just told me that this is not a floating tent but a survival raft!  20 people can get in it and close up the top.  Makes more sense!
On Thursday a lot of the town squares have market day.  There were vendors everywhere.  Here is the Kaas or cheese vendor. The Dutch have great cheese! Their most famous is Gouda.  Which is pronounced "How da" with a very gutteral "H" sound!  Probably the only Dutch word I can pronounce.
The bake shop.  I realized the other day I have lived in the UK/Europe long enough that I now call it the bake shop, not the bakery.  I also caught myself calling a diaper "nappies".  Oh my!
There are several of the same types of vendors that set up their products.  As you can tell a lot of work goes into their booths.  Many people do their shopping on market day.
 Just a view of the market with the iconic buildings of Delft in the background.
 The fish vendor.  If any of you know me you know how much I hate fish!
Stinky!  I wish I liked it but I don't but its one of the things Bud loves here.
The Dutch love their pickled Herring.  Here you can pull one out of the bucket, chop off their heads, do whatever else they do to them and make you a sandwich!  Yummm!
 I copied this picture off the internet. We saw some people eating them with the onions only - no bun.

 Another Kaas vendor
 Need to buy a leg?  They have them!
 Trisha with the town hall in the background.
 Tosha Lee and I.  Tosha and her family are from South Africa.
Holland is really quite an international country.
 Purses and scarves for sale.
 Fruit vendors.
 I love the skyline in Delft.
 Need something for your hair?
 Clothes?  They got 'em!
 What Delft is famous for!!
This platter was probably 2 feet in diameter.  The high quality Delftware can be very expensive but it is beautiful.  I did not notice how much this platter is sold for but I would guess it would be in the high triple digits to four digits.  Give or take.  Maybe even in the several thousand Euros.