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Monday, December 13, 2010

Missing in Action!

It has been almost a month since Bud or I have published a post.  A lot has happened so I will try to give a brief update.  As posted earlier, we had the arrival of our fourth grandchild.  I flew to Utah the first part of November to meet this new granddaughter and to help out however I could!  It is fun to see the difference in our grandson, who was born in August and our new grandbaby!
She looks so tiny next to this big boy.
They both look little next to these two big kids!
 I love pictures of yawning babies!
 It is hard to get two babies to look in the same direction
when you are trying to take their picture.
Our daughter calls her new niece a troll doll!
Why you ask?  Because her hair sticks straight up, 
just like the old troll dolls.  
All she needs is a jewel for her bellybutton!
This guy is four months old.  At his two month check up he was over 17 pounds and 24 inches long! He is huge! He has rolls upon rolls. I am sure he is over 20 pounds and much longer now.  He has the sweetest disposition, is very ticklish and has been sleeping through the night since he was 10 weeks old!
This helps with the sleeping through the night!  He loves his thumb.
This little bug is five weeks old.  (I need to get a better picture of her, by herself, from my son.) She is over ten pounds and her cheeks are getting bigger by the day.  She is starting to be aware of who is holding her, smiling . . . that is when she doesn't have her mouth open looking for food!  I think she will catch up to her cousin before we know it.

Of course no new baby picture is complete without one with the exhausted mom's in it!
Even the cat got caught in the act!

Bud managed to come over to later to meet both his new grandchildren for first time too.  I had to have some surgery during this time (glad to have it in the U.S. and not at the mercy of socialized medicine. I know, I know we are now there but it is still better here than in Europe - in my opinion.)  I also took a trip to New Mexico with my daughter's family, my daughter-in-law and baby to see my mother.  My son could not go because of getting ready for finals.  I will post more about this later but for now this will have to do!  Goodnight!


Camille said...

Glad you finally did an update post. Those babies are adorable!! You have a beautiful family!! Miss you guys.

DSigns said...

Beautiful grandchildren-super jealous, but happy for you. My brother Cliff said my daughter Lauren looked like a troll doll and I was offended for years until I forgot about it and he just rebrought it up and I was offended again. You're so strong.

CeCelia Jade said...

So cute! I love the picture of all of them lined up together, little E is so darling, I just love her hair!

Amy Beth said...

What sweet pictures! You sure do have some cute grandbabies!

Vanessa said...

Wow! Four Grandbabies! You two are gettin old. hahahahah...Just teasing!

They are all so adorable! Love you guys, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Love Ness