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Thursday, August 5, 2010

European Vacation-Switzerland

During our vacation we spent several days in Switzerland.  It is a beautiful country that we enjoyed seeing very much.  Most of the pictures are just scenery and don't need much explanation.  We could have put literally hundreds of pictures in the blog but I have selected a few that I hope will give you a feel for the country.  Enjoy!
Who would have known?  A bison (buffalo) ranch in Switzerland, near Bern.
LDS Temple near Bern.
Our daughter-in-law has roots from Switzerland.  We found the hometown of her great-great-grandfather.  Wangi is located in the northeastern part of Switzerland, not too far from Zurich.
The countryside near the small town of Wangi.
Wangi, Switzerland
Of course we had to take a picture of some Brown Swiss cattle near Wangi.

We took a cable car from the valley floor up to a Gimmelwald and Murren.  These small villages are perched on the side of the mountain and can not be reached by car.  We spent a few days in Murren just hiking, relaxing, and enjoying the outstanding Swiss Alps.
Mountain hillside near Murren, Switzerland.
The mountain grass and flowers in the Alps.
Mountain pasture with the Alps in the background.
A small stream coming off the mountain.
A cheese house in Gimmelwald, Switzerland.
View from Gimmelwald.
Typical mountain cottage.
Garden next to the house--and on the edge of the cliff.
Mountain scenery.
Mountain scenery.
Mount Jungfrau (young girl).
This is a farmer and his wife turning the cut grass on the side of hill.  The hay has to be turned so that it will dry prior to storage for the winter.
On top of the world.
Mount Eiger--once considered to be unclimbable.
Eiger and Monch.  
The three peaks, Eiger (Ogre), Monch (Monk), and Jungfrau (young girl) stand next to each other and are quite spectacular.
Mountain waterfalls.

Mountain pasture with some Simmental heifers grazing.
Who wouldn't enjoy living in a house with this view?
This Simmental heifer was quite curious.  Notice the bell around her neck.  All of the cattle carry bells which can be heard for long distances.
Mountain scenery.
Mountain bluebells.

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Heather F said...

Its always been a dream of mine to go to Switzerland. The scenery is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures