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Monday, September 12, 2011

We're Back! A quick preview of what's been happening since our last post!

 I was actually shocked that our last post was in April!
We just got busy with life,
so here is a quick snapshot of what's been going on -

 My friend Cindy and I went and viewed the parade floats of the
Dutch version of the Rose Parade in California.
 These cute little bugs came to The Netherlands
for a visit in April and May.
 We had ice cream in Haarlem,
 visited the Keukenhof tulip gardens,

 Saw lots of windmills,
 Practiced our Dutch (bike riding that is)
 and crashed!
 But it was still fun.
 We spent numerous evenings at the beach in Wassenaar.
 Angus had me locked away!
 Actually we went to Rothenburg, Germany.
 It is a medieval village,
 surrounded by fortress walls.
 We enjoyed a delicious pork sandwich.
 We drove across the North Sea!  Yes, we are that good!
 We toured Bourtange, Netherlands

 We went to a baseball game.
 She did not like this creature!

 We love baseball!  We really miss it.
 We hung out some more with these guys.
 I got to see a lot of my old friends,
 who came to help me celebrate my 50th birthday!
 We vacationed at Island Park, Idaho.

 We went to Yellowstone's Bear World.

 This mama moose fed across the river from where
we were staying.  We saw her everyday!
 Life is good,
 especially when you spend it,
 with the people
 you love!